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Report Service Abuse

Universal Hosting does not tolerate service abuse, iligal activities, or malicious content. If you suspect that someone is using our services for malicious or iligal purposes, please report it to us.

Contact Us

Please use the form below to contact our secuirty team to report service abuse.
A list of disallowed activities can be found below.

Service Violations

The following activities on our network are not permitted.
Please report any of the below behaviors.


Attempting to breach the security of our network or any other networks or systems. Using our services for any iligal hacking is not tolerated.

Email / SMS Spamming

Mass marketing emails, mass chain emails, bulk sendmail services, robotic calling services, bulk SMS, and other nuisance communications are not permitted.

Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency mining, hosting of mining pools, remote mining, or any form of blockchain manipulation is not permitted on our services.

Viruses and Malware

Malware sandboxes, communities hosting malware, backdoors, trojens, warez, or any other kind of malicious software is not tolerated.

VPN / TOR Routing

We do not permit the hosting of any VPN exit nodes, TOR exit nodes, VPN service mesh, routing services, or non general CDN services on our systems.

Open Mail Relays

The hosting or hotlinking to any kind of POP or IMAP / SMTP based open mail proxies or relays is not permitted on any UHX service, including shared hosting email.

Chat with our support team

Have a question about suspected service abuse? Contact us directly.