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GDPR Policy

You have the right to refuse cookies and to know how your data is being used.

GDPR Guidelines and Rights

We don't beleive in long legal texts. You should be able to understand your rights on our network.

Right to be Forgotten

You have the right to be forgotten from our services. If you choose not to subscribe to a newsletter, or optional communication, the subscription will be cancelled if you delete your account or unsubscribe. No email or personal data will be retained.

Cookie Disclosure

We use cookies. As with most GDPR compliant websites, we use cookies responsibly. We disclose all cookies we use, preform site audits, and use 3rd party services to ensure compliance with GDPR policies. You have the right to opt out of cookie ussage.

Right to Refuse Cookies

While we do not use intrusive tracking cookies, and only use cookie technology to keep you safe and enhance your expreaince on our network, we do have systems that capture basic user information to authenticate your user session. You have the right to turn off cookies.

Plain English Legal Texts

We do not hide our protection texts in large walls of text. Instead, we have this page anothers like it that are easy to read. To comply with laws and other policies, we do offer our TOS, GDPR guidelines, and Privacy Policy in document form.

No Marketing Emails

Why would we market something to you when you are already a customer or user of our network? It dosent make sense to uus either. You will not see an "opt out of marketing emails" button because we simply do not send them to customers.

You Delete It, Its Gone

Our cloud platforms, dedicated servers, and cPanel accounts only backup user data if the user requests it. Once you terminate your server or account, the data is gone forever. (So keep backups!) The same rights apply to user accounts on the UHX Network.